Instructions To Order a Fundraiser Custom Tee Shirt

1. Click on the ORDER button above.

2. Select the Monthly Design You want and Click on the Image.

3. You will be on the Order page for that design with a description of the fundraiser. Qualifying Fundraiser shirts are marked (F).

4. Select Your Size, then State, then type in Your County Name (Spelling Must be Correct for Print)

5. Then type in a Department, Specific Officer, Family or Program You Want to Support. (Optional, If You do not put in any information then it will default to Your County)

6. Select Your quantity.

7. Then select "Add to Cart" then select "View Cart" then select "Check Out"

8. Enter Your Payment and Shipping Information.

9. Your Order will be complete. You will receive your Order in approximately 7-14 business days.

NOTE: If You purchase a Fundraiser Shirt that is already designed then that is what the donation will be for.